VSB Tech is a prominent enterprise that specializes in offering a comprehensive range of professional information technology solutions and talent acquisition services. Our core competencies lie in delivering tailored technology solutions that cater to the requirements of various industries such as clinical research in Pharma, Digital Technology Consulting, Analytic Services, ERP Cloud Consulting, Artificial Intelligence & MI, Managed IT services, Database Administration, and Blockchain.

With an extensive and robust talent network, we provide strategic staffing solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. We take pride in our ability to acquire critical skills and valuable resources that enable us to deliver optimal results to our clients.


At our company, we recognize the immense value that people with skills and technological expertise can bring to the table. Our culture is firmly grounded on the principle of creating and seeking out opportunities for such individuals. Given the dynamic nature of today’s hyper-connected world, we believe that jobs and opportunities can materialize from any direction. Therefore, we prioritize collaboration, networking, and strategic partnerships as the key drivers for growth.

We espouse an open culture that fosters continuous learning, growth, and expansion. Our ethos centers on creating an environment that is creative, competitive, and innovative, where our employees are empowered to reach their full potential. By adhering to these values and leveraging cutting-edge tools, we strive to initiate, sustain, and expand our operations. Above all, we care deeply about our people and communities, going above and beyond to exceed expectations.