VSB Tech is a Professional Information Technology Solutions and Talent Acquisitions company. We provide focused Technology Solutions in Clinical Research in Pharma, Digital technology consulting, Analytics services, ERP cloud consulting, Artificial intelligence & MI, Managed IT services, Database Administration, and Blockchain. Through our vast talent network, we acquire critical skills and deliver those valued resources.


Find great value in people with skills and technological knowledge. Thus finding and creating opportunities for them is a tenet of our culture. We believe that jobs and opportunities can come and go in any direction in this hyper-connected world. Therefore, collaborating, networking and partnerships are only the options required for growth. An open culture where opportunity to learn, grow, and expand is always a mantra we embrace. An open creative,competitive, and innovative environment is our value.Through these values and tools, we would like to begin, sustain, and expand. We care for people and communit beyond expectations.