Artificial intelligence is a technology which enables a machine to simulate human behaviour. Machine learning is a subset of AI which allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without  rogramming explicitly. The goal of AI is to make a smart computer system like humans to solve complex problems.

AI services can be classified into Vertical or Horizontal AI What is Vertical AI?

These are services focus on the single job, whether that’s scheduling meeting, automating repetitive work, etc. Vertical AI Bots performs just one job for you and do it so well, that we might mistake them for a human.

What is Horizontal AI?

These services are such that they are able to handle multiple tasks. There is no single job to be done. Cortana, Siri and Alexa are some of the examples of Horizontal AI. These services work more massively as the question and answer settings, such as “What is the temperature in New York?” or “Call Alex”. They work for multiple tasks and not just for a particular task entirely.

Every organization is start looking for opportunities to apply AI&ML to their businesses, finding ML experts that help leverage AI innovations for solving organization problems and implementing intelligently build systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks faster and less cost.

In our VSB tech AI&ML team has been working and delivering excellent analysis models and prediction solutions based on statistical models with suitable algorithms.